A platform curated by the minds steering the sustainable city sector in France and Africa

Since 2020, Innopolis Expo has been built from the ground up by the direct collaboration with government, city officials, solution providers, associations and academics.

As a result, you will not find a more relevant programme designed to equip city leaders with the information, strategies and technologies to combat the challenges of running an efficient, ecological and equitable city.


Covering all major pillars affecting the smart and sustainable city sector

The goal of Innopolis Expo is not only to provide city leaders with the ultimate platform for content but also to do it succinctly.

In other words, within the two days of Innopolis Expo, we aim for city leaders to cover all major talking points from all major pillars. This includes: mobility, digital transformation, energy, security, lighting, waste management and more. 

Keynotes from cultural, governmental and technological leaders

Given its unique position within the role of the future of our towns and cities, Innopolis Expo is blessed to welcome luminaries such as Solar Impulse Founder and explorer: Bertrand Piccard; as well as Government Ministers such as Thomas Lesueur, Bruno Bonnell and Olivier David.

Such participation ensures Innopolis Expo is more than just an event; it’s a movement!




Who attends?

Key themes

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