About Innopolis Expo

New challenges gives birth to new approaches

Co-constructed with all relevant stakeholders

Stakeholders from the sustainable city space have been participating in multiple dedicated steering committees in order to generate the main talking points for the conference programme.

  • Governing bodies
  • Urbanists, landscapers and architects
  • Associations and pressure groups
  • Commercial companies and startups
  • Institutions
  • Academia and research

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6 Thématiques & 60 heures de contenu

Résilience, environnement, numérique ou encore liens entre citoyens et état, les défis à relever sont nombreux et tout l’écosystème sera mobilisé pour prendre part au débat. En traitants les enjeux actuels sur 5 espaces de conférence complémentaires, Innopolis Expo propose une approche transversale qui prend en compte la complexité des villes et des territoires.

  • Inspired and varied views on the city of tomorrow championed by the sectors brightest 
  • Practical, how-to, content on recent implementation case-studies so you can take concrete strategies back to the office
  • An unparalleled platform to share your viewpoint amongst a truly influential audience of your forerunners, peers and partners

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One of the primary reasons Innopolis Expo exists is to help thousands of sustainable and smart city professionals find the best solutions to their challenges. 

If you play a role in getting cities to dramatically improve their operations, this is an ideal platform on which to interface with your current and future clients.

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Are you a member of a governing body?

Participate in a unique program, conceived and designed by city leaders. Elected officials, communities, urban planning actors and companies have also come together to meet your challenges.

Innopolis Expo offers a range of solutions to meet your needs and highlight the Innovations that which can unlock hidden potential in your operations.

Take part in the conference program and join the pioneers, visionaries, engineers and philosophers who think, make and change cities and territories. 

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